Favorite Links...                                               

Listed below are some interesting links related to beagles, hounds, and dogs in general: 

www.akc.org      All of the Woodpont Beagles are AKC registered only

www.showbeagle.com     Everything related to show beagles

http://clubs.akc.org/NBC/index.htm    National Beagle Club

www.dnr.state.oh.us    Ohio Department of Natural Resources

http://www.iwbeagles.co.uk/index.html     Beagles in England

www.derrydalepress.com    Good site to find some excellent pack hunting books

 http://americanbeagler.huntingboards.com/   Question and Answer Board for Beaglers

www.espomagazine.com    Another Good Site with a Beagle Q & A Board

http://rabbithuntingonline.com       Rabbit Hunting Online Site

www.mfha.com   Masters of Foxhounds Association Website

http://www.nra.org/     National Rifle Association




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