Little Rowdy VI


We thought you history buffs out there might like to hear a little about Little Rowdy VI, sire of the famous FC. Indian Hills Majer.  Majer was Better Beagling Magazine’s Sire of the Year in 1989, and his bloodline is still prized by many.


On Sept 17, 1970, a litter of beagle puppies was born at the home of Eugene Wells in Xenia, Ohio.  The sire of the litter was Playfair Cadet, who was a show-bred dog from the Dayton area, and the dam was Eugene’s favorite gunning hound, Well’s Vickey.  Vickey was mostly old cottontail bloodlines, with just a small bit of similar show blood about 4 generations back.  Cadet came from a line called “Showfield”, owned by a man named Wade from Dayton.  By the time Cadet came along, Mr. Wade was nearing the end of his life.  Other “Showfield” bred hounds included Ch. Rob-Ida’s Jeorge With A J, who holds the distinction of being the last show champion to sire a field champion (FC. New City Cruiser), and Ch. Showfield Bobby, who produced Larry Carter’s Ch. Valar’s Gruesome Grizz.  There was still a lot of hunt in those show dogs from the 1960s, and the old “Showfield” line had more than its share.  


In this half-show, half-field litter was a black and tan male that became Little Rowdy VI.  Until 1974, Rowdy was used as a personal hunting dog, and was said to be a good one.  But Rowdy’s life changed dramatically on April 4, 1974, as did so much of the town of Xenia.  An F5 tornado (the most intense rating of tornado, reaching speeds of over 261 miles per hour) hit the town.  On the Internet, you can find many old photos of the unbelievable destruction.  As a result of the damage to his owner’s home, Rowdy changed owners and became a pet, spending the next several years chained to a backyard dog house.


About 1980, Larry Carter, one of the founders of the Great Miami Gundog Beagle Club of Middletown, Ohio, was able to acquire Rowdy.  Larry was very interested in dual-purpose beagles at the time, as were several others in those early days prior to the formation of the Midwest Gundog Association.  Through the Great Miami Club, he had met Eugene Wells and Raymond Walters, Eugene’s uncle.  Both were club members and very active in the early trials.  Larry’s earliest field lines were mostly FC. Pleasant Run Diplomat and Mercer County breeding, and he had acquired a bit of Showfield blood to cross on them.


We know of only 2 litters sired by Little Rowdy VI after Larry acquired him.  Rowdy was already 10 years old by then, and his ability to sire puppies was nearly gone.  The first cross to Rowdy was when Larry bred his great Valar’s Hammering Sue to him, producing Valar’s Mrs Sniff.  Mrs. Sniff was later bred to Ch. Rob-Ida’s Jeorge With A J to produce Woodpont Joker, who became to foundation sire for our Woodpont Beagles.  As mentioned earlier, Jeorge was also the sire of FC. New City Cruiser.


Rowdy’s second litter was the most famous.  John New bred his gundog field and show winning New City Crystal to Rowdy, producing FC. Indian Hills Majer, New City Wannamaker, and FC. New City Pearl.  John selected Pearl to carry on his breeding program, and sold Majer to R.B. Sester, who raised and campaigned him in the early AKC gundog trials.  Majer, Wannamaker, and Pearl were all beautiful hounds, and just as likely to win a show as the field class.


Shown at left is John New's great Field Champion New City Pearl, littermate sister to FC. Indian Hills Majer, both from John's litter by Little Rowdy VI. 


We know of no show beagle kennels active today that still carry the Showfield and Playfair blood, but through the New City, Valar, Indian Hills and Woodpont bloodlines, the old Showfield lines can still be found.  It was only through the efforts of  Larry Carter, Raymond Walters and John New that these lines were saved from being lost forever.  Consider yourself fortunate if you have some of this in your kennel today.






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