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Woodpont Brawler                                Brawler's Pedigree

DOB 3-21-05

This top male has hustle and a good nose.  He was making nice contributions to the pack at a young age.  Good searcher and jump dog.  Now retired from hunting.


Woodpont Chicory                                    Chicory's Pedigree

DOB 7-7-05

Steady female with good chop voice and speed.  Very intelligent.  Now retired from hunting.


Woodpont Covergirl                                        Covergirl's Pedigree

DOB 8-11-07

Product of an outcross to Stan Hepler's Misty Mountain bloodline.  She is a hard worker and has a terrific voice.


Woodpont Tally                                                Tally's Pedigree

DOB 9-8-08

Small, hustling female.  High pitched voice.  Good speed and line control. 


Woodpont Birdcall                                              Birdcall's Pedigree

DOB 2-13-10

All business in the woods.  Good at working the pack through tough spots with her excellent nose.  High-pitched voice.


Woodpont Mailman                                             Mailman's Pedigree

DOB 5-10-11

Hard searcher, big chop voice, great size, beautiful conformation.


Woodpont Magical                                                Magical's Pedigree

DOB 5-10-11

Littermate to Mayor and Mailman (above).  Her strongest trait is her great nose, and her patience at working or walking out tough checks.  Moderate speed and good line control.


Woodpont Beeswax                                            Beeswax's Pedigree

DOB 7-17-12

Littermate to Bearcat (above).  Nice young female.  Very loud unusual voice.  Always in the thick of the running.  Pedigree represents some recent show blood being crossed back on Woodpont lines.


Woodpont Marshall

DOB 5-15-13

Beautiful big male with a coonhound voice, great search, and excellent line control.  Sire:  Mayor,  Dam:  Birdcall


Woodpont Marble

DOB 5-13-14

Hard worker, great check hound, but with a fair amount of speed as well.  Sire:  McApple Champy,  Dam:  Magical


Woodpont Magpie

DOB 5-13-14

Pretty, foxhoundy, with more speed than her sister above.  Sire:  McApple Champy,  Dam:  Magical


We also recently added Stavemill's Roper Joe to the pack.  This dog has an extensive trial and show record and comes from a mixture of Indian Hills, Granppy, and Northway lines that have meshed well with our hounds in the past.  His conformation is solid and his work in the field is satisfactory.  He has size and a nice chop voice.  At past 10, he can still run up well with the pack.  We look forward to seeing what type of hound he can produce when crossed on the closely bred Woodpont females.  DOB  8-28-07



These hounds and the others in the kennel represent many generations of careful breeding to get the very best HUNTING hounds we could produce, using the best field and show lines still available.  A serious breeder of any type of animal is always striving for excellence in the animals he/she is producing.  WE AREN'T FINISHED!!

None of the above hounds are for sale, but we do have extra puppies available occasionally.  Please contact us if you have an interest. 

Below is a photo of Chimer, Cheerful and Mascot - 3 generations.  Note the ears on those girls.  Madcap, Magical, and Marble, shown above, are the 4th, 5th, and 6th generations down from Chimer and 15 generations of the overall Woodpont female line.  We are starting to lose count! 


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