Sunday morning, August 3rd, was extremely foggy after rains the afternoon before. I took 15 hounds (8M, 7F) to the farm across the road and was out for nearly 5 hours. This was only the second time this year I had taken them over to this location. Some deer and turkey hunters own the farm, so I generally go there only in mid-summer when I won’t disrupt any other hunting.

Birdbaby started the first rabbit in a thick corner of an overgrown field. It ran down into the big wooded hollow, then came back up and over the hill into a hole in a small bit of woods there.

Photo: Rabbit chase number 2.

Hounds are (left to right): Bearcat (leading), Birddog. Mayor, Marshall, Brawler (head up), Mailman, Biker, Beeswax, Mayfly, Tally (outside), Champy, and Madcap.

Madcap gave a huge long howl when jumped the next rabbit from a thicket in the edge of some woods near where a lane separated two hayfields. They went a ways through the woods, then came out past me (see photo of the pack in the fog) and back into the woods where they started. The rabbit ran deep into the hollow where it holed in the base of a dead tree. Madcap was chewing at the tree when I got there.

Photo: Crossing the hayfield on Rabbit 4.

Rabbit number 3 was started by Birddog not far from where Madcap started the last one, but this time we were in the hayfield where an un-mowed thicket grew next to the woods. The pack was running well down into the same hollow as the last rabbit until it holed near where the last rabbit went, maybe in the same tree.

The next rabbit was started by Bearcat from a thicket next to the woods on the other side of the same hayfield. It crossed the lane between the hayfields and ran right-handed back toward the portion of the farm where the first rabbit was started, then crossed the open hayfield (see photo) back to near where it was started, where it holed on the wooded hillside.

So after 4 rabbit chases, all ended in holes, with no chases of more than 15 minutes. The hounds were running well, though. We walked a distance before finding rabbit number 5, and it turned out to be the best run of the morning, distance-wise. Brawler jumped it from a thicket in an overgrown, very remote, small field surrounded by deep wooded hollows. This rabbit went down into the woods and then straight away almost out of hearing through the woods in an area that had been timbered about 15 years ago. Hounds were driving hard coming back after making a long point, and I saw the large rabbit sneaking through the saplings about 50 yards below me. It went back through the field where it was jumped, and them down into the rough hollows below, where it continued to run for a total of 30 minutes. The area was so rough that I could not stay with them or get to them to see how the run ended. After the run ended, I blew the horn and called the hounds back to me.

The 6th rabbit was started by Madcap, who ran it out of a small clump of woods directly into the path of several hounds harking to her. It escaped, but got a scare and ran down the hill and under some what remains of an old barn, for a chase of probably 2 minutes.

Rabbit 7 was started by Champ, and they ran it back and forth through a wet area of cattails in a hollow before the chase ended.

By the time Birddog started rabbit number 8, they were a tired bunch of hounds, but this was the best sounding run of the morning, going a long distance through the woods and around a hillside while I stood on the adjacent hilltop and listened to the music. Those hounds never sounded better. We had the deep voices of hounds like Mailman, Madcap, and Mayor mixing with those of higher pitch, like Birdbaby, Tally, and Magical. In between were the voices of Champ, Biker, Brawler, Covergirl, Bearcat, and Beeswax, who all have loud calling voices. Altogether, it was quite a roar, and I am sure people for miles around knew the Woodpont hounds were running that morning.

Hounds out were Brawler, Champy, Mailman, Mayor, Birddog, Biker, Bearcat, Marshall, Covergirl, Tally, Madcap, Magical, Birdbaby, Mayfly, and Beeswax.