Our hunting country


We are blessed in Southern Ohio to have large tracts of reclaimed mine lands on which to hunt. It is rugged, hilly country, with a plentiful supply of game. Rabbits here are known to run extremely large circles, especially in spring. Much of the land, is covered with lespedeza and fescue, while the hollows between are typically wooded and deep.

Because of the large countries we hunt, we prefer 15 inch hounds. Size can be a difficult thing to get and keep in beagles, probably because field trial people for many years bred to get 13 inch hounds. So that we may attempt to increase size, we never keep or breed to 13 inch males. Males in the kennel today are all 14-15 inches, while females from this line are still running about 13-14 inches.

The photo above is from our Southeastern Ohio farm, where rabbits are plentiful.

Visitors who wish to watch hounds afield are always welcome by appointment.