Pedigree of Woodpont Manager and Mascot          wh. 9/14/03








FC. Deaton’s Black Magic






Indian Hills Rowdy


FC. Indian Hills Majer

Little Rowdy VI Playfair Cadet
Wells Vickey
New City Crystal Lord Buckingham VI
New City Tammy

Chillybrook Mindy

CH. Bedlam Tiger Talk CH. Rockaplenty’s Wild Oats
CH. Chillybrook Lemon Fizz
Chillybrook Spoof CH. Chillybrook Chuckes
Colgren’s Mischief


Boot Hill’s Black Diamond


Long’s Little Black Jack

Latimer’s Chief B and J Gay Flag Jr.
FC. New City Pearl
Latimer’s Sassy Sims Creek Roscoe
Indian Hills Kelly

Long’s Little Bonnie

Hanging Fork Sonny Boy Sims Creek Roscoe
Northside’s Spotty Jan
Russell’s Foxy Lady Indian Hills Fred
Russell’s Sue Ellen






Woodpont Cheerful







New City Coacher


New City Colorman

New City Classic Cruz FC. New City Cruiser
New City Paean
New City Prized FC. Northway Ninja
New City Plush

New City Plenty O Crockett

New City Crockett FC. New City Cruiser
Mojak Jenny Lou
New City Pleasure O Plenty Waiska River Maximum Effort
New City Paean



Woodpont Chimer


CH. Shaw’s Spirit of the Chase

CH. Shaw’s Mikey Likes It CH. Kamelot & Shaw’s Kome Lately
CH. Shaw’s Ado Annie
CH. Echo Run Kindred Spirit CH. Stonebridge Winning Ways
CH. Echo Run Shalamar

Woodpont Music

River Hills Majer FC. Indian Hills Majer
Chillybrook Mindy
Woodpont Juicer Woodpont Joker
Woodpont Blessing