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Woodpont Cheerful                                Cheerful's Pedigree                               

DOB  12-8-01

This is just about the nicest female ever bred at Woodpont.  She has it all - conformation, speed, line control, search, size, and mouth.  Littermate to Woodpont Chieftain.  Sire:  New City Coacher, Dam:  Woodpont Chimer. 


Woodpont Chimer

DOB 11-5-99                                      Chimer's Pedigree

Beautiful, great moving bitch sired by Show Champion Shaw's Spirit of the Chase, who is among the top 10 show champion sires of all time.  Chimer is a hard driving bitch with a very distinctive high-pitched voice.  She is a littermate to Woodpont Charger of UKC fame.


Woodpont Birdsong                            Birdsong's Pedigree

DOB 5-11-95

One of the finest running hounds we have ever had.  At past 12 years of age, she is still making a solid contribution to the pack.  Many runs over the last 10 years have been saved by her ability to work out a tough check.  Beautiful big chop mouth used perfectly.  Moderate speed and great search.  Dam of Bruiser (above).  Sired by FC. Northway Ninja. 


Woodpont Charmer                             Charmer's Pedigree

DOB  5-3-01

Despite being the smallest female in the pack, Charmer has good speed inherited from her dam, Chimer, and the great search of her sire, Bruiser, as well as his chop voice.  She is one of our favorites.  Really hustles.  Good line control and checkwork.


Briarhill's Gloria

DOB 4-19-00                                        Gloria's Pedigree

All show breeding, yet hunts like a field-bred hound.  Searches and searches, and can really run a rabbit.  Her pedigree is a nice combination of the best American and Danish show bloodlines.  Gloria is a littermate sister to European Royal Ruby of UKC fame.


Woodpont Mascot                                                Mascot's Pedigree

DOB 9-14-03

Big, typy, deep chop mouth and good speed.  Has a great nose and often is seen leading the pack.  We like her ability and style.  Her sire would rank among the best I ever judged in a trial.


Woodpont Manager                              Manager's Pedigree

DOB 9-14-03

Deep chop mouth, close working line control and an excellent nose.  Littermate to Mascot (above).  Sire: FC. Deaton's Black Magic  Dam:  Woodpont Cheerful


Woodpont Brawler                                Brawler's Pedigree

DOB 3-21-05

This young male has hustle and a good nose.  He is making nice contributions to the pack at a young age.  Good searcher.


Woodpont Bishop                                   Bishop's Pedigree

DOB 3-22-05

Nice young male with a bawl voice and good speed and line control.


Woodpont Chicory                                    Chicory's Pedigree

DOB 7-7-05

Young female with good chop voice and speed.  We expect her to be very good with age.


Woodpont Birdseye                                 Birdseye's Pedigree

DOB 10-27-02

One of our top running hounds.  Moderate speed, good voice, line control and patience to work her checks.


Woodpont Madcap                                    Madcap's Pedigree

DOB 5-1-06

Best of last year's puppies so far.  She has size, a big chop mouth, good search and good speed.


These hounds and the others in the kennel represent many generations of careful breeding to get the very best HUNTING hounds we could produce, using the best field and show lines still available.  A serious breeder of any type of animal is always striving for excellence in the animals he/she is producing.  WE AREN'T FINISHED!!

None of the above hounds are for sale, but we do have extra puppies available occasionally.  Please contact us if you have an interest.  Below is a photo of Chimer, Cheerful and Mascot - 3 generations.  Note the ears on these girls.  Madcap, shown above, is the 4th generation down from Chimer and the 12th generation of the overall Woodpont female line.


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