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Since 1979 - Breeding hunting hounds with the proper combination of type and field ability.

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Home: Welcome
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I am a lifelong student of all things hounds. Hunting, especially with hounds, has always fascinated me. Beagles are my primary interest, and I have owned and bred the little hounds for over 40 years. In these posts, I will share my ideas and thoughts for breeding hunting beagles, as well as things I read or experience related to hounds. I will share details of some of our hunting outings. And when we occasionally have extra puppies to offer to other breeders, I will post notices of that also. We hope you will find this interesting and check back often!


If you have thoughts or comments, please send me an email. I would love to hear from you.  

- Tim Hackworth

Woodpont Beagles

July 2020

Video:  Woodpont Beagles Hunting

This is a 6+ minute video made on 4/18/20.  It shows most of a circle made by the rabbit and will give a demonstration of the hunting style of the Woodpont pack.

For more videos, search for "Woodpont Beagles" on YouTube.  Enjoy and subscribe!

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