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Woodpont Beagles are a pack of dual-purpose (show and field bred) hunting hounds located in Southern Ohio, USA.  Some of our female lines now stretch back as many as 16 generations, spanning nearly 40 years.  Hounds from this kennel have been very successful in the past at field trials and shows, although the primary focus the past 20 years has been on pack work after cottontail rabbit or snowshoe hare. 

Currently our hunting pack consists of 15-18 hounds.  We breed for nose, brains, biddability, line control, voice, drive and search in our hunting hounds, as well as temperaments that make them fun to be around at home or in the field.  Biddability (response to command) is very important because we hunt in areas literally teeming with deer.  Many of our young hounds these days are naturally deer-proof in their work, which is a trait we hold in high esteem.

Hounds here are also bred for close conformity to the AKC Beagle Standard (describes how a hound should look).  Strong conformation gives ease of movement which allows our beagles to hunt hard day after day for many years.  Conformation gives hounds stamina, pace, and longevity.  It also means they "look" like beagles should, and we take great pride in that.  Most of these hounds are one half or more show-bred, which results from years of careful mixing of the best dual-purpose lines we could find. 

By breeding heavily for conformation, we get hounds who can still run up in the pack at an advanced age, which allows them to be in place to help the younger hounds on checks, instead of "boo-hooing" along behind.  Most hounds in the kennel today are an old-fashioned black and tan coloring, which has become the "family color".  Sticking closely to favorite long-established bloodlines has helped us develop a pack which LOOKS like a pack, not just a collection of hounds.  

We don't believe a pack of hounds should "slot up" in a line like cows in a lane.  Running well bunched and with several hounds toward the front of the pack puts utmost pressure on the quarry, and results in a more exciting chase.  Most of our runs are relatively short, exciting, and decisive.  Hounds often appear as if they could be "covered by a blanket".

Feel free to contact us if this sounds like the type of hound for you.  Not everyone likes the same kind of beagle.  If your interest is field trials, or showing, you may want to keep looking.  If you want good, honest hounds for pack work or gunning, these just may suit you.  Puppies occasionally available.

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