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Great Hounds Behind Today's Woodpont Beagles

Photo above shows New City Cruiser first (Vickie New), Burton's Dan second, and Indian Hills Rowdy third (R.B. Sester) at a Jackson County (Ohio) Beagle Club AKC Small Pack Option Licensed Field Trial 15-inch male class from the mid 1980s.  All three hounds have played a major part in shaping the Woodpont Beagles of today.  Note the fine conformation of these three top hunting hounds.  The tall blonde-haired judge in red shirt in rear is Larry Carter, who helped start the Great Miami Beagle Club and The Midwest Gundog Association.  Larry bred many great dual-purpose beagles from his Valar Kennels in the 1970s and 1980s, including Woodpont Joker.

Field Champion New City Cruiser

This was John New's most famous hound.  Cruiser is still the last Field Champion to be sired by a show champion (CH. Rob-Ida's Jeorge with a J).  Cruiser is found throughout the current Woodpont pedigrees, as well as New City pedigrees.  Top dual-purpose pedigree.

Field Champion Indian Hills Majer

One of the top producing field trial hounds of all time.  Majer, like Cruiser above, was bred by John New.  Both were from New City Crystal. Majer won Better Beagling magazine's top sire of the year award in 1989.

Indian Hills Rowdy (field winner)

Rowdy put tremendous natural ability into our pack when Woodpont Bangle was bred to him in 1991.  As an overall hound (conformation included), few hounds have been more impressive.

(Show) Champion Shaw's Spirit of the Chase

This hound produced some beautiful beagles for us when we bred to him on Labor Day Weekend of 1999.  Chase produced somewhere around 100 show champions, which ranks him in the top producers all time.  Owned by John and Peggy Shaw of Illinois.

Field Champion Burton's Dan

Produced a top bitch for us (Woodpont Blessing) when he was bred to Woodpont Beauty in 1994.  Dan's sire, FC. Andy's Clover Patches, finished for his field championship in just 3 trials!  I judged one of those wins (at Great Miami).

(Show) Champion Bedlam Tiger Talk

Mandy Bobbitt's top sire from the early 80s.  Tiger is in all of our pedigrees, but we surely could use more of this blood today.  A show champion that hunted in Mandy's Bedlam Beagles formal pack.

(Show) Champion Rob-Ida's Jeorge with a J

Sired FC. New City Cruiser and Woodpont Joker in his only two litters while owned by John New.  Came from the old "Showfield" kennels from near Dayton, OH.  Many of the Showfield hounds were known to be good producers of hunting ability as well as conformation.

Little Rowdy VI

Sire of FC. Indian Hills Majer and FC. New City Pearl.  Also sired the dam of Woodpont Joker. He was 1/2 Showfield Kennel bloodlines and 1/2 old cottontail hunting lines.  Bred by Eugene Wells, Xenia, Ohio. 

Gay Baker

Frank Reese's top stud who can be found several generations back in the Woodpont pedigrees through his sons, Loy's Gaye Baker Jr and Gay Flag .  Baker put tremendous search into his pups and grand-pups, a trait we old rabbit hunters love dearly. Posed in this photo by Mr. Reese of Taylorsville, NC.

River Hills Majer

Won the National Beagle Club's Triple Challenge Event with this hound in 1998.  Full brother to Indian Hills Rowdy (later cross).  At 10 years of age, this hound was still able to run up with our fast bitches, which we attribute to his size and conformation.  He was a tremendous "road  hound".  Proud to have his name in our pedigrees today.


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